Looking Ahead to 2018 and the OMG Machines Membership

As a long-time observer of the OMG (One Man Gang) Machines SEO coaching program, I have seen a considerable number of people launch exceptional SEO consulting careers. I have also seen an equally considerable number of folks improve their existing businesses – some by hundreds of dollars per month, and others by thousands.

The one thing that I have noticed about people whose fortunes have improved after they have joined this elite group of entrepreneurs is that they carefully execute the strategies that they have been taught.

Alas, one thing that no program can do is to act on or execute a strategy on behalf of someone else.

People on the outside must think there must be something that these students are learning and applying that is a secret sauce that no one else knows about.

So, what is this concoction of methods and strategies that students of OMG are actually learning?

Surely this cannot be rocket science.

And, as it turns out, it is not rocket science. But it is specific, and there are things that you must understand before you begin to see your, or your clients’ websites hanging around in the number 1 or 2 spots in Google.

And, things that worked in 2014 will no longer work in 2018. For example, don’t kid yourself thinking that you don’t need to update your knowledge about PBNs (Private Blog Networks, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the acronym).

When it comes to this very touchy and volatile strategy, no one does it better than OMG, and, Greg Morrison in particular (who also happens to be the original One Man Gang, and the start of it all).

Greg is an outstanding example of everything that is wonderful about OMG Machines: He is an expert, doesn’t mince words, gets to the point about whatever it is he’s teaching, and is passionate about what he does. He truly holds nothing back – and that was one of the catch phrases of OMG just a couple of years ago: No Holds Barred. He gives the student more than what he or she pays for, without a doubt.

OMG has evolved, of course, since the early days, and it continues to evolve by necessity. As I mentioned, you cannot expect to apply what the coaches taught 3 years ago and win the game.

As the internet and algorithms change, so must your strategy.

Every coach inside of OMG has a set of skills that will somehow be related to client-getting (and keeping), on-page and off-page SEO techniques, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, lead generation, social media management, and more.

Basically, if you need to learn the skills that will help you work with client websites, or your own sites, you will learn it at OMG.

OMG Machines is, in my opinion, the absolute best coaching program for SEO and e-commerce around.

There is no finer team of teachers and coaches than the mainstays of the program that Mike Long and David Mills have gathered: Greg Morrison, Kotton Grammer, Stephen Floyd, Joe Marfoglio, Joshua Fletcher, Liz Herrera, and even David Mills himself, who has added his own self-development program into the mix.

What will OMG NOT teach you?

The way I see it, if you are seriously looking at working online, and specifically working on client websites, you should know the basics before you plunk down $2,000 or more on a coaching program.

Here are some of the things I feel you should understand beforehand:

  1. Buying hosting and domains.
  2. Ability to build a basic website using WordPress.
  3. General understanding of what SEO is (if you have to look up “SEO” then you aren’t ready for OMG).
  4. General understanding of what Google and other search engines are looking for as far as website best practices is concerned – this is all free knowledge that can be found in your Google accounts.
  5. Do you know the basics of Keyword research? You should. Coaches are not going to hold your hands and teach you basics.
  6. If you are hoping to learn strategies regarding affiliate marketing or information marketing, you should already know how these business models operate.

Next… What to expect when you join

When you join, you will be immediately able to begin watching videos, participating on training calls (there are a number of little pet names some coaches give to their sessions; e.g. Joshua Fletcher’s “Fletcher’s Garage,” or Joe Marfoglio’s “Ignite,” or David Mills’ “Crushing the Game,” or others.).

The next thing you should do is get laser focused. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the barrage of emails that you’ll be sure to receive over the course of the month when Mike Long offers up additional programs through outside “gurus.”

For example, recently, he marketed copyrighting through another expert who is outside of OMG. Now, copywriting is a very important part of creating good web content. But, if you just spent several thousand dollars on OMG, learn what’s inside OMG FIRST, and then look at other stuff.

As I type this review, I saw that he was also marketing a program about learning online businesses with Mark Ling, another entrepreneur.

Just turn your attention back to what you’re learning with the coaches inside of OMG.

Ok? So, get focused.

Then get to work learning this stuff!

Take notes.

When you are on the coaching calls, have a notepad handy. Yes, you’ll be able to watch replays, but you’ll want to make note of the calls, the date and time, and the topics covered so that you can quickly refer to them.


Make sure you get into the closed Facebook group and read posts that have to do with problem solving that others are working on, because chances are good that YOU will also face similar challenges as you go.

One thing I would like to warn you about when it comes to the Facebook group, or groups as they may be: Don’t be a complainer or a whiner. People will shut you down swiftly.

Be proactive. Be constructive.

Also, remember that when you join OMG Machines, the very second that you push the “Pay Now” button, you have joined. There will be no refunds. Ever.

That is something that Mike Long made clear “way back” in 2012, and that he continues to stand by today.

This no-refund policy may seem odd when you consider that you can return just about anything else for any reason at all these days in a world gone mad, but it’s for real at OMG.

Frankly, it’s a bit of fresh air! Know what you are buying or don’t buy it.

I think that should pretty much cover it! If you decide to join OMG Machines, know this much: You’ll be learning from the very best there is. Hands down!

Thanks for reading!

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